Commercial Office

In the competitive world of office leasing, a comprehensive landscape plan that is sensitive to costs and aesthetics is key.  Smith Grounds Management creates programs that work within a property's specific budget so that your property looks as good from the street as it does on the balance sheet.
Our teams operate as the "eyes and ears" of property management.  Account managers anticipate and plan for necessary repairs and enhancements.  We also adovcate for the property as a whole, alerting management to issues that need to be addressed and facilitating their resolution.


Effective maintenance of a retail property's landscape requires a full service landscape provider that supports the property manager and is responsive to key anchor tenants. Our service strategies minimize impact during business hours and are always a key consideration. Sweeping of hard surfaces, refuse pick up, maintaining median strip plantings, and proper pruning of perimeter hedges are all managed with a particular eye for public safety and consumer appeal.


Our management team specializes in working with HOA Boards and Apartment managers.  We can often help educate homeowners, governing boards and other stakeholders on how landscape practices can best maximize the value of their properties.  Our landscape programs are designed to enhance the appearance of common areas, improve marketability, and meet the specific needs of the residential community.