Is Smith Grounds Management a full service company?
Yes. While our principal business is commercial property maintenance, we do offer a complete array of property management services, including landscape design and installation, irrigation system design/installation/repair, floraculture services, and night lighting systems designed for safety and beauty.

Will you have a set day to mow my property?
We schedule a regular day for our service visit to your property during mowing season. Weather can be a factor, but we do try to maintain a set schedule.

Will I have the same people on my site every service visit?
Your main contact is your SGM Account Manager. This person will be in contact with you at least once each week. On the other hand, our crew personnel are specialized by task. For example, you may have a mowing crew, a pruning crew, a fertilizer crew or an enhancement crew visiting your property at various times throughout the year. Of course, all of our people (and vehicles) will be clearly identified with the Smith Grounds Management company logo.

How often are inspections done of my property?
Your property will be inspected on a monthly basis. Our Account Managers usually perform the inspection. Quite often, our Operations Manager, General Manager or CEO will make one or more of the monthly inspections of your property. We work hard from the top down to make sure your grounds look great, all year long.

Do you monitor my irrigation system?
Yes, we monitor your irrigation system throughout the summer months. We also offer irrigation system diagnostics, spring start-up procedures and late fall winterization of the system backflows.

When are my flowers changed out?
To keep your property looking vibrant and fresh, flowers are changed twice annually. The spring rotation runs from mid April through the end of May. The fall rotation is from mid September through the end of October.

Is this the right time to plant?
Planting is best done in the spring and fall, depending on the specific plant material in question. With our mild climate and proper watering, virtually any time during the year is acceptable. Our Landscape Manager will be glad to provide you expert advice on this subject.

Do you offer snow removal?
In fact, we provide snow removal services for many of our clients. We have several plow blades, ready to push snow out of the way on your surface parking lots, driveways or sidewalks. With an ample supply of ice melt on hand, we're ready for that next winter storm.