As the weather in North Carolina and South Carolina starts to get colder, you'll want to make sure your irrigation system is ready for the winter. That's where a professional irrigation winterization service comes in! Irrigation winterization will prepare your system for the freezing temperatures we experience during this time of year by shutting it down and blowing any water out of the pipes so it can't freeze in them and damage your system. What's more, this service will also help ensure that it's ready to go again when spring arrives so you can keep your lawn and landscape hydrated throughout the growing season. To ensure your irrigation system is winterized properly, you should hire professionals to perform this service!

Winterizing your irrigation system will protect it from freezing temperatures.

Here in North Carolina and South Carolina, the temperatures in the winter can dip below freezing. So, it's important to have your irrigation system winterized to prevent any damage from occurring. Winterizing your irrigation system involves turning off the water to your system so it doesn't keep flowing, turning off the controllers so it doesn't try to turn on while it's decommissioned, and blowing the water out of the pipes using compressed air so that it can't freeze and cause serious damage to your system. By having this service performed before winter arrives, you can help protect your system over the course of the winter.

Winterizing your irrigation system will help ensure that it works perfectly in the spring.

When spring rolls around, you don't want to have to worry about repairing your irrigation system after not been used for several months. Fortunately, when you have your irrigation system winterized, you won't need to worry about that. That's because when your system is winterized, it will likely not endure any type of damage over the course of the winter, so it probably won't need to be repaired when the spring season arrives. This means that your system will be ready to go in the spring and will be able to start providing hydration to your grass and plants right away so that they can start the growing season off on the right foot.

Always Hire Pros to Winterize Your Irrigation System

When it comes to winterizing your irrigation system, this is a task that is best left to professionals. That's because professionals will know exactly what to look for and how to winterize your system correctly. What's more, they have likely performed this task hundreds of times or more, so they'll be able to do it correctly and efficiently. If you were to try and winterize your irrigation system yourself, you could end up accidentally damaging something. You could also forget a step and your system could end up being damaged over the winter, and you'll be left with a broken system come springtime that will require costly repairs to get back up and running.

Once spring rolls around, you should hire professionals to perform a startup service to ensure your irrigation system is turned back on correctly.

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