Good Morning,

We wanted to take the time this morning to go over a few items that we will be on the lookout for as well as informing you, the client about potential issues with your property and your personal lawn.

JUNE 21st marks the first day of Summer. However, with the current climatic conditions, it looks like Summer is here Early. The plants and grass are under the same impression that I am. Summer is here early and here to stay!

With the warmer weather, not only do we receive heat stress, the shrubs and turf on you site does as well. We commonly see the following issues during this time of year and I wanted to proactively address them with you now before the “Official” first day begins.


Professional servicing irrigation system in Charlotte, NC.

Watering of newly planted shrubs and of turf in general is very important this time of year. Water, sunlight, and a favorable environment are key for live organisms to survive. With that being said too much water can cause issues within your lawn and shrub beds as well. Diseases and pests are attracted to high humidity and highly saturated plants that are stressed. This time of year it is crucial to water at the right time of day as well as for the right amount of time. If your property is irrigated, we have made the steps to ensure this is possible within the boundaries of recent water restrictions. Irrigation on plant material is only a supplement to keep the plant alive between rains. There is a reason why the grass always looks greener following a rain event. Rain water is slightly acidic. This acid penetrates the soil and causes a breakdown of the chemical nutrients that are somewhat bound up in the soil. This process following a rain storm releases the nutrients and makes it more readily available to the plant material. If you have any questions in regards to the watering of your sites turf or plant material, please do not hesitate to ask.


Insect diagram in Charlotte, NC.

As I lead into with watering, Insects and diseases seem to flourish when plant material is stressed. Proper watering is key to give our plant material the best chance of survival. As you can see from the picture, white grubs as well as other turf pests have a life cycle. Within that life cycle you cans see that the mature beetle stage of white grubs is this time of year. We can treat for grubs and Army worms all the way into the fall with relative success however the most damage from grubs in turf occurs during the grub stage as they are feeding on turf roots to grow. The summer is a great time to also plan on Fire Ant treatments. We have an awesome product that is available in our industry for this. Scale insects that effect trees are also treated this time of year as well. Scale and tree diseases in general is very prevalent within the Charlotte, N.C. landscape but can often go unnoticed. If you have any questions in regards to your landscape and the insect/disease issues listed, please do not hesitate to ask me about it.


I have mentioned this topic briefly already but I want to share how important it is. When we see temperatures past 90 degrees, everything gets stressed. Your body gets heat stress. In the same regard, plant material is stressed as well. It is true more established plant material is better suited for the heat but they still can become stressed. Monitoring your landscape is the best for ensuring survival of plant material. We as your trusted Landscape Advisor are committed to always monitoring your site and I will continue to notify you if I see any potential issues while I am on your site.

This summer newsletter is intended to scratch the surface of information available to you. Smith Grounds is committed to keeping our clients informed as the season’s progress. This newsletter is intended to be generic as well. There is no doubt that each site is specific. I would be more than happy to talk with you about any specific questions you may have.